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Practical projects for self-sufficiency, DIY projects to get your self-reliant lifestyle started, Chris Peterson and Philip Schmidt - (pbk.)

Have you ever wanted to build your own chicken coop, cider press, or herb-drying rack? How about a clever two-bin composter, horse-blanket washing machine, or genuine Langstroth beehive? In Practical Projects for Self-Sufficiency, you'll find these projects and a couple of dozen more to help you develop and grow your self-reliant lifestyle. Where most self-sufficiency books give you pages of words and a couple of small drawings for an explanation, this book shows you exactly how to do things, employing beautiful photos and complete plans in the best Cool Springs Press tradition
Table Of Contents
Section 1: Food preparation and preservation. Cider press ; Herb-drying rack ; Solar oven ; Solar fruit dryer -- Section 2: Homestead amenities. Backyard fire pit ; Firewood shelter ; Frame loom ; Solar still ; Manual laundry washer ; Pet door ; Metal kit shed ; Post-and-board fence -- Section 3. Garden aids. Clothesline trellis ; Two-bin composter ; Basement vermiculture bin ; Potato-growing box ; Soil sifter ; Octagon strawberry planter and cover ; Teepee trellis ; Jumbo cold frame ; Raised bed with removable trellis ; Pallet planter -- Section 4. Raising animals. Chicken coop ; Brooder box ; Bee hive
Literary Form
non fiction
Includes index
Physical Description
159 pages, color illustrations, 28 cm

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