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A parent's guide to children's medicines, Edward A. Bell - (pbk. : alk. paper)

Table Of Contents
Should I give medicine to my child? What are the benefits of giving medicine to my child? ; What are the risks of giving medicine to my child? ; How do medicines work in a child, and how do they work differently in older children and adults? ; Are side effects of medicines similar in children and adults? ; Why are some medicines not appropriate for children? -- How should I give medicine to my child? If my child needs medicine, how can I get him or her to take it? ; What is the best way to measure liquid medicines accurately? ; What can I do to reduce my child's anxiety about, and pain from, an injection? -- How do I use medicines for fever? How high can my child's fever go? ; Is a high fever dangerous? ; What medication is best for treating my child's fever? ; How much medication should I give? Am I giving too much medication? -- How do I use medicines for infection? Why does my son get so many ear infections? Does he always need an antibiotic? ; What is the best antibiotic for my son's infection? ; Does my daughter always need an antibiotic for a fever or cough? ; My daughter has thick, disgusting snot coming out of her nose. Does she need an antibiotic? ; My son has a very sore throat, but his doctor said he doesn't need an antibiotic. Why not? ; My daughter has the flu. Does she need an antibiotic? ; Are all of the antibiotics prescribed for my son safe for him? ; My daughter is always getting sick with infections. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? -- Are vaccines dangerous? Will they protect my child? How do vaccines work? What are vaccines made of? ; Who decides what vaccines are recommended for my child? ; How effective are vaccines? ; What diseases do childhood vaccines protect against? ; What side effects do vaccines have? Are they dangerous? ; What concerns and fears do parents have about vaccines? ; What fears do children have about vaccines? ; Do vaccines have mercury in them? Is mercury dangerous? Do vaccines cause autism? ; Can I rely on other immunized children to protect my un-immunized child? ; What are good information sources about vaccines? ; What can I do if I have concerns about vaccines? -- How do I use medicines for common illnesses? Do over-the-counter medicines for head lice really work? Are they safe? ; Which medicine is better for treating my child's pain-- Tylenol or Motrin? ; Can I use antidiarrheal medicine for my child when he has diarrhea? ; Are steroid medicines safe for my child with asthma? ; Are Ritalin and other medicines for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) addicting? -- Where can I find more information about my child's medicines? How can I tell whether a medical Web site is accurate and reliable? ; What are good medical Web sites I can use regularly? ; Where can I find other sources of information, including good books, about children's medicines? ; What questions should I ask my pharmacist about my child's medicines? ; What questions should I ask my child's doctor about my child's medicines?
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non fiction
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x, 166 p., ill., 24 cm.

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