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Fortnite Battle Royale hacks, surviving the final circle : an unofficial guide to tips and tricks that other guides won't teach you, Jason R. Rich - print

While you must engage in a variety of battles during the early stages of each Fortnite: Battle Royale match, your skills and strategies will be put to the ultimate test if you survive until the End Game, where you'll go head-to-head against your enemies within the Final Circle. This is when the deadly storm has devastated the vast majority of the island and only a tiny area of land remains inhabitable. All of the remaining soldiers are forced into a small area, and everyone is forced into a final series of battles--until only one player is left alive. In addition to offering an overview of the entire Fortnite: Battle Royale game, by reading this guide, you will learn how to: Select the best weapons, ammo, and loot items to collect and carry into the End Game. Reach the Final Circle with ample time to build a fortress and plan a strategy based on the terrain. Avoid injury during those final intense battles. Manage resources, so they're available when needed
Table Of Contents
The inside scoop on Fortnite: Battle Royale -- Discover how to safely explore the island -- Finding, collecting, and using weapons & loot items -- Collecting the resources you'll need and building techniques -- Surviving strategies and fighting tips -- Welcome to the End Game: Survival and combat strategies
Literary Form
non fiction
Includes website references (pages 96-97)
Physical Description
98 pages, color illustrations, 24 cm.

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