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Lyme disease, why it's spreading, how it makes you sick, and what to do about it, Alan G. Barbour, MD - (hardcover : alk. paper)

An expert on tick-borne diseases, Alan G. Barbour explains the course of illness that results from infection, diagnosis and treatment options, and steps that can be taken to avoid a tick bite in the first place. The ticks that transmit Lyme disease may also transmit other disease-causing pathogens, and these other infections are considered as well
Table Of Contents
Early infection and the immune response -- Late infection and its complications -- The pathogen, its vector, and its reservoirs -- The ecology of lyme disease -- Approach to diagnosis -- Laboratory tests: the basics -- Putting laboratory testing in its place -- Antibiotics and lyme disease: the basics -- Putting the antibiotics to use -- After antibiotic therapy ends -- Deer ticks transmit other diseases -- Preventing lyme disease: community-wide measures -- Preventing lyme disease: personal and household protection
Literary Form
non fiction
"First edition published as Lyme Disease: the cause, the cure, the controversy, 1996."
Physical Description
ix, 375 pages, 23 cm

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